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The University of British Columbia Alumni Association was founded in 1917. Its goal was, and continues to be, to link alumni with the University and with each other, and to support the mission and activities of the University. After experiencing a tenuous existence through its first two decades, the Association began to take shape after re-writing its constitution in 1935.

Various graduate associations were formed to operate under the guidance of the Association: “divisions” organized according to undergraduate program, and “branches” organized by city or region outside the Vancouver area. Branches and divisions hold periodic reunions, as well as a number of other social and professional activities and events. The Association itself also organises various events and activities on campus. Several issues of a newsletter, The Bulletin, were published during the 1920’s. The first Graduate Chronicle was published in 1931, and was published on an irregular basis thereafter. It was renamed The Alumni Chronicle in 1948, and later was known as The Chronicle and then TREK. Today’s alumni magazine, The University of British Columbia Magazine, is available online and is published twice a year in print.

In 1946, to facilitate its fund-raising activities, the Association was incorporated as an independent body under the Societies Act; its liaison with the University is through the External Affairs Office. From 1953 to 1963, the Association organized the annual meetings of Convocation, and its Director served as Convocation Secretary. Since 1967 the Association has operated Cecil Green Park House as a venue for banquets, receptions, and other social events.

For much of its history the Association engaged in extensive fund-raising activities on behalf of the University, through its Alumni Annual Giving campaigns, the Development Fund, the Capital Gifts Campaign, and various scholarships and bursaries. However, in 1989 all fund-raising activities were transferred to the Development Office.

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