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On May 4, 1917, a year and a half after UBC opened its doors, a small group of students and graduates gathered at the shacks on Fairview Slopes to establish an alumni organization. By the second meeting, 71 graduates had joined and the Alumni Association of UBC had become a reality.

There are now nearly 400,000 UBC alumni with membership growing by about 10,000 every year. As fellow alumni and board members, we are determined to honour the history and tradition of this organization by serving its members and the university to the best of our abilities.

Browsing through the pages of this website will give you an idea of the breadth and scope of our activities and the benefits that come with being a UBC alumnus.

Terms Ending 2024

Terms Ending 2025

Terms Ending 2026



Alumni Association Constitution
Alumni Association By-Laws
Chancellor Appointment / Reappointment Terms of Reference


Please contact us at or 604.822.8923 if you have any questions related to alumni UBC‘s Board of Directors.

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