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Coffee Tasting in Hong Kong

Explore the World of Specialty Coffee

August 20, 2022

As much as you love your daily cup of coffee, how much do you know about the nuances of this drink? alumni UBC Hong Kong is excited to present an opportunity to deepen your appreciation of specialty coffee from around the world.

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The ABCs of Reading

The ABCs of Reading

August 27, 2022

Reading books with your kids can be fun and educational — and an essential family experience. alumni UBC Hong Kong is partnering with Helen Mok (BA’08) from Nooks ’n’ Books to share top tips on how to help your children develop reading skills and a genuine love for books.

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Alumni Office Hours with Razi Bayati, Senior Manager Data & Analytics at Rogers | How Networking Helped Jumpstart My Career As an International Student

September 15, 2022

The Centre for Student Involvement and Careers is excited to bring you a virtual mentorship and networking opportunity to connect with UBC Alumna, Razi Bayati.

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