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Alumni in London

Greater distances from UBC campuses can mean greater challenges in finding and meeting fellow alumni. So for those who live outside our campus communities in the Lower Mainland and Central Okanagan, we’ve created My Town Meetups to help alumni find each other and build social networks — anywhere in the world!

Curious who is out there? Get to know your local UBC community by attending or hosting a My Town Meetup.

Whether you studied linguistics or law, graduated in 1965 or 2022, or live in San Diego, Stockholm or Seoul, you can gather in person or virtually on Zoom.

Hosting a meetup is easy. Just select a date and time, pick a venue, decide who you want to invite — and alumni UBC will do the rest!

Need assistance? Contact us by email.

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Interested in hosting a My Town Meetup?

Have questions about hosting? You can check out the FAQs or planning timeline for answers, and if you don’t find what you need, please email us.

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UBC alumni live in more than 160 countries across the globe. Here is a summary of where our alumni are located:

  • Canada – 284,584
  • USA – 14,099
  • Asia – 12,896
  • Europe & the UK – 3,687
  • Middle East & Africa – 1,185
  • Latin America & the Caribbean – 1,022
  • Oceania – 1,015

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