alumni UBC App FAQ

What are the benefits of the app?

  • Access UBC Library borrowing privileges. When signing out books from the library, simply show your UBC Library Barcode from the Verified Tile page of the app.
  • Verification of your alumni status for access to discounts, deals and benefits offered by our business partners.
  • Easy access to a selection of online journals and electronic resources provided by UBC Library.
  • See all the benefits and services you get access to in one place. This includes savings, financial benefits, and event information.
  • Easy access to The University of British Columbia Magazine, event podcasts, contest information and to update your address information.
  • Location specific notifications about events or deals near you.

How do I get the alumni UBC mobile app?

Search for ‘alumni UBC’ on your phone’s store (Play Store or Apple Store) and then download the app. Log in to the app using your name and birthday information.

What if my phone is neither Android nor iOS?

Unfortunately, the app is only available on these two operating systems.

Physical Alumni Cards are available for those who cannot use the app. Contact or 604-822-3313.

What if my phone is really old?

The app is designed to work with the following operating system versions:

  • Android 4.0.3 and up
  • iOS 8.0 and up

Older versions of those operating systems may work, but it is not guaranteed and there is no support for them.

Physical Alumni Cards are available for those who cannot use the app. Contact or 604-822-3313.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Physical Alumni Cards are available for those who cannot use the app. Contact or 604-822-3313.

Am I eligible to get the app?

Anybody can download the app and access some of the features.

Log in is limited to UBC credit degree and credit diploma holders. For clarity, this does not include individuals who have completed Continuing Education courses, a Medical Residency, a Post-Doc, or a non-credit degree.

How do I get help with login?

Check above to make sure that you are eligible to access the login features.

If you are eligible, there is likely an inconsistency with how your name or birthday is recorded in our system.

The name needed for login may or may not be the one you graduated with as your information could have been updated.

A few things to try:

  • Use your legal first name (even if you go by your middle name)
  • Use your maiden name.
  • Use your married name.

There are some people in our database who have initials instead of their full first name.

We may or may not have your English name as your legal first name. Try both options.

If you are still unable to gain access, please contact us at or 604-822-3313 and we can update your record so that you can access the app.

Is this now my Alumni Card/ Do I also need an Alumni Card?

The alumni UBC mobile app gives you access to all of the benefits of the previous Alumni Card program. There is no need to have a physical Alumni Card.

If you have an existing card, you can continue to use it to access services. If the barcode on your physical card and the app do not match, please fill out this form to request an update:

I deleted my alumni UBC mobile app, but now I want it back again. How does this work?

Simply download the app again from your respective provider (Play Store or Apple Store). Use your name and birthday to log in and your access will be restored.

What happens when my phone doesn’t have a data connection?

The app requires a data connection to provide its services.

If you don’t have a data connection, you may see an error message or you may lose the ability to navigate the app.

You should not expect any features of the app to work without a data connection.

What are the benefits of allowing notifications on the app?

You will get information about new benefits or deals that are provided to UBC alumni.

You will receive a notification about any special live-streaming events or news as soon as it comes available.

You will get updates when new features or functionality becomes available on the app.

You will be notified if you win a prize if you don’t have other contact information in our database.

What are the benefits of allowing location-based notifications?

You will get notifications about specific events or benefits that are especially relevant to you based off of your location. (ie: get notified about upcoming events in your region, or about a benefit with a business that is close to your location)

This allows for a more curated experience for you in using the app.

What location information do you have about me?

UBC does not receive nor keep any data that ties an individual user to a location.

Specific notifications are sent to a phone when that phone meets a location-based trigger. This happens automatically in the software and that data is not received by UBC.

Why is the barcode number on my physical Alumni Card different from the alumni UBC mobile app?

If the number on the physical Alumni Card you use is different from the one on the app, please fill out this form to request an update:

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