Purpose of the award:

The purpose of the award is to:

  • recognize the important professional and community contributions that UBC alumni are making to the world and society
  • celebrate and honour alumni who have consistently demonstrated outstanding achievements
  • profile UBC and highlight the accomplishments of its top alumni
  • connect the alumni community, the university community and the wider community
  • strengthen alumni pride and affinity to UBC and the Alumni Association

Nominees are drawn from all areas and reflect the quality of the University of British Columbia.

2024 Eligibility, Criteria and Process

  • Awards cannot be given to current members of the University’s Board of Governors, the UBC Alumni Association Board, or alumni UBC staff members. These individuals are eligible for nomination after a one-year waiting period from the date they step down from their role.
  • Current or sitting politicians, at any level, are not eligible for nomination. These individuals are eligible for nomination after a one-year waiting period from the date they step down from their position.
  • Awards will not be granted in absentia. The awards gala typically occurs the second or third week of November each year.
  • Recipient must be an individual who is a voting member of the University of British Columbia Alumni Association; that is, a person holding a degree, certificate, and/or a diploma from the University of British Columbia (exceptions are the Honorary Alumni and Faculty Community Service Award recipients).
  • Candidates are only eligible for one Alumni Achievement Award in a lifetime, unless they are subsequently deemed eligible for the Alumni Award of Distinction.
  • Posthumous nominations will not be considered.
  • Awards for each category need not be given every year.
  • Deadline to submit nominations is February 16, 2024.


  • will be accepted on a rolling basis with a cut-off deadline to be established and published annually
  • shall include all requirements as stated and no more; any additional information will be discounted as per the pre-determined cut-off
  • may be submitted by a nominator for more than one nominee in a particular year
  • will stand for consideration in the year in which they are submitted, and, if a nominee is not selected, the nomination will stand for the following two years if approved to do so by the selection committee, and providing an annual update is provided by the nominator
  • that are unsuccessful will be made known to the nominators by email or letter, notifying them if the nomination will stand for a second/third year, or, if the nomination has expired; and, nominations that have expired may be submitted for a nominee again through the regular nominations process
  • may not be made for oneself, or for a relative or family member

2024 Award Criteria

General (selection criteria)

The alumni UBC Achievement Awards recognize graduates, students, faculty and friends of the University of British Columbia for excellence, leadership, and innovation in their achievements and contributions to the social, cultural, and economic well-being of society, which positively reflect on the University of British Columbia. Alumni successes will be recognized through their exemplary contributions in all areas worthy of recognition.

Outstanding/significant will be characterized by qualities including but not limited to:

  • Prominence and acclaim in their chosen field
  • Consistent and comprehensive record of excellence and achievement beyond the norm
  • Persistent effort and courage in the face of adversity
  • Innovative and effective approaches to challenging problems
  • Ongoing and positive effect on their field and/or other people

Alumni Award of Distinction

This award recognizes a UBC or honorary alum whose accomplishments in the public, private or not-for-profit sector have made an outstanding contribution to the community.

Entrepreneurship Award

This award recognizes a UBC or honorary alum that has demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial leadership, business innovation and made a positive impact on local and global communities through their work. Nominees should have 3 to 5 years of experience with their business venture.

Faculty Community Service Award

This award recognizes a UBC faculty member or professor emeritus who has rendered significant community service in areas other than teaching and research.

Global Citizenship Award

This award is given to a UBC alum in recognition of community or voluntary service that has gained international recognition and made a global difference.

Honorary Alumni Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions made by a non-UBC alum to UBC.

Research and Innovation Award

This award recognizes a UBC or honorary alum whose outstanding research or innovation has had major social impact.

Volunteer Leadership Award

This award honours a UBC or honorary alum – or group of alumni – who has contributed significantly as a volunteer to the community over a sustained period. Through their leadership, they have enriched the lives of others with their generous gifts of time, talent, or treasure.

Young Alumni Award

This award recognizes a young UBC alum (aged 35 or under) whose excellent accomplishments and leadership – either in their professional career or through community service –provide inspiration to students and other young alumni.

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