alumni UBC Summer Series Podcast

alumni UBC Summer Series

Joy in the Summer

Joy in the Summer is our three-part podcast mini-series, telling stories of wine, adventure, and music from the perspectives of UBC alumni, faculty members and students. Listen along as you enjoy the Summer Series activities or when you need a little escape from your day.

Here are just a few of the questions the podcast dives into:

  • How are UBC Okanagan researchers working to combat climate change impacts on wine production?
  • What activity allows us to play with people we may never meet and take part in the discoveries of those who have come before us
  • What is the historical connection between music and pandemics?

There’s also a Hollywood surprise in one episode – can you guess which one?

Episode 1: Trailer

Episode 2: Wonders of Wine

Episode 3: Seeking and Moving

Episode 4: Traveling with Music

Thanks for listening. Have a joyful summer!

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