Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Video Training Series


Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion

To support our commitment as a university in advancing equity and human rights by promoting diversity and eliminating discrimination, we have put together a video series on various Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) topics for you our valued volunteer.

In partnership with the UBC Equity and Inclusion Office, below are four videos that cover the following topics:

We encourage you to take the time to watch each of these videos while you are on your volunteer journey with us.

Further UBC resources on EDI

UBC’s Equity & Inclusion Office’s mission is to “advance equity and human rights at UBC by promoting diversity, eliminating discrimination, and engaging the community in dialogue and action”.

UBC’s Inclusion Action Plan operationalizes the theme of inclusion, and supports the themes of innovation and collaboration identified in UBC Strategic Plan: Shaping UBC’s Next Century.

Learn more about EDI initiatives at UBC by visiting the UBC Equity and Inclusion Office website.

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