Ever wonder what happened to your fellow classmates? Be a class rep and help organize a reunion to find out!

Whatever happened to that classmate who was the life and soul of every party? Ever wonder whether your lab partner’s eyebrows grew back? When you find yourself reminiscing about your UBC years, you know it’s time to organize a reunion.

Reunions are not only a good way of satisfying your curiosity about old friends and favourite haunts, but also a chance to expand your professional network and get up-to-date news on how your old faculty is doing. And they needn’t be limited to your academic experiences at UBC – we also encourage you to reunite with fellow grads around a common passion or community that made your time at UBC so memorable, such as residence, a student club, or a varsity team.

UBC reunions are typically organized and led by volunteers. There is no standard reunion format, but your alumni reunion contact can offer best practices from past reunions. Your class or group has its own personality and will remember the university in a unique way.

As you plan your event you will likely have some questions or need additional information. We are here to support you with your plans and provide feedback or expertise as requested. To get the reunion process started, please contact the appropriate UBC reunion contact.

If you are interested in finding out more about organizing a reunion, please contact your appropriate UBC reunion contact.

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