Emily Cheung: Discovering dynamism in flexible career paths

While many new grads don’t have a lot of work experience to list on their resumes, Emily Cheung (BA’17) feels she had an edge: volunteering.

Emily Cheung

Shay Segal: Helping others find their voice

“I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am today without the support of so many other people along the way.”

Roy Chen: Reaching resolution by mentoring others

“I thought to myself, ‘It would be nice if there was somebody who’s gone through the journey already who was able to speak to their experiences.’”

Chris Howe, Rob Hill, and Rob Brett: The Character-builders

“Every single player has the opportunity to be a top-quality person in life. That’s what the mentorship program is about.” – Rob Brett, BCom’85

UBC men's volleyball program

Valerie Song: The Role Model

“Sometimes all people are looking for is that one conversation that could trigger their imagination, their inspiration—that one conversation could really change the trajectory they go in their life.”

Valerie Song

Patrick Cheng: The Faithful Advisor

“Students do pick up a lot from me. But at the same time, I learn a lot from them, too. It’s a two-way street.”

Patrick Cheng

Tinnie Chow: The Jetsetter

“I just want people to understand how lucky they are to be part of this community.”

Tinnie Chow

Nishat Tasnim: The Science Whisperer

“Outreach…reminds me of what it feels like to be a young person who’s so curious and is so ready to understand and learn more about the world.”

Nishat Tasnim

Maisie Morsara: The Pathbreaker

“I want students to know that everyone has a very different personal journey – and that’s ok.”

Maisie Morsara

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