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As workplaces continue to evolve, interpersonal skills are increasingly becoming essential for career progress in all fields. That’s why it’s important to understand, develop, and improve your emotional intelligence (EQ).

To help you with this, the alumni UBC Careers team is pleased to offer EQ assessments, known as the Emotional Capital Report (ECR), by the RocheMartin Group. The ECRs are the world’s most advanced assessments for measuring and developing EQ. Over 3,500 organizations worldwide use them, and alumni UBC is the first North American alumni association to offer RocheMartin group assessments to a broad alumni group.

How to get started

ECR Self-Assessments include a narrative description associated with each score, coaching strategies for development, and a 19-page action plan. A certified practitioner will provide you with your assessment during a 50-minute virtual one-on-one debriefing coaching session.

Your total time commitment will be about one hour.

To get started

  1. Click on the link to purchase the package ($199, plus tax).
  2. Complete the 10- to 15-minute assessment.
  3. Book a coaching appointment to review your results.

Frequently asked questions


“I’ve been fortunate to take many EQ assessments in my lifetime and nothing compares to the ECR self-assessment. The assessment is impactful and the customized action plan offers practical tips and guidance to better understand my own EQ. I highly recommend this assessment to anyone, at any stage of their career. The comprehensive report has a clear strategy to develop my EQ and in bite size, manageable daily practices that, I hope, will have a lasting impact on myself and others.”  – Nicole, BA’11

“The EQ assessment was incredibly valuable, providing significant insights into my personal EQ. The ECR goes into great detail on each competency and gives real understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to taking what I learned through my assessment and debrief and applying it to my life at both work and at home.”


For more information about emotional intelligence, ECRs, and RocheMartin, visit the RocheMartin website.

Watch this keynote talk by world-renowned expert Dr. Martyn Newman which will explain the science and benefits to having strong EQ.



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